1. topsbearbrick:

    T.O.P is extremely interesting. Every single time a fully translated interview is released, I have to prepare myself and then begin reading it.

    There is no other artist I know of that talks like him. and quite frankly he scares me a little bit if I’m honest. It’s like a very stimulating conversation with him everytime.

    What I would give, to just have a one on one honest conversation with him.

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  3. Chow Tai Fook x GD

    cr on pic

  4. 140808 SISTAR Ma Boy

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  5. [140802] Suho was wearing Nohant x Yoo Ah In special edition t-shirt. (It’s a charity project collab)

  6. #dead

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  7. GD at K Con 2014 (cr: Billboard)

  8. seungripls:

    Taeyang’s TERRIBLE joke when he fails to understand the reporter… (x

  9. seungripls:

    Seungri’s fashion senpai throwing some srs shade at him

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  10. HD Press 140715 (logo free) #2

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  11. HD Press 140715 (logo free) #1

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  12. in Thom Browne suit and boots

    as seen on “It’s Okay, It’s Love” drama presscon 

  13. D.O in Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

  15. Kai in Saint Laurent Sneaker