1. W Korea November 2014

  2. W Korea November 2012

  3. weeisme:


  4. Goodluck, Luhan… ^^v

  5. [141003] HD by TopStarNews

  7. HD GD at Chanel PFW 2014


  8. gdwithabeard:


    I want Seungri’s recovery more than a BIGBANG comeback.

    I can’t express how disgusting the fact that this post has only 64 notes is. This shouldn’t be a hard time for Seungri stans only. Aren’t we all a family?

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  9. khaenine:

    Everybody put your fingers up in the air

    Does this boy even get older?

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  10. 140930 GD at Chanel

    1, 2, 3

  11. HD Press Pics by Top Star News

  12. fly-ocd:

    Drama vs Reality

  13. Thanks for your hardwork, Jiyongah… Good Luck!


  14. [CAPS] J.ESTINA BAG X G.DRAGON 14 FW Making Film (5)

  15. [CAPS] J.ESTINA BAG X G.DRAGON 14 FW Making Film (4)